What I Learned from Writing a Romance Novel on Asylum

I wrote a romance novel about asylum. This may seem like a paradox, but it isn’t. Love happens at the border. Love of family, love of freedom, love of life and yes, romantic love. But unlike romance novels, these love stories often do not have a happily ever after. Still, love survives and sustains asylum seekers as it does for all of us.

There are ten things I learned while researching and writing my novel that I would like to share with anyone who has heard the recent rhetoric directed as asylum seekers. Language like surge, overflow, crisis and invasion. Let’s replace this language with compassion, understanding and facts, starting with these:

  1. Asylum seekers have a legal right under U.S. law to cross the border and make an asylum claim.

Allison Singh is a writer and lawyer. Follow her work at allisonsingh.com, ithappenedonli.com and americansinlove.com.

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